Emas iB Barokah

Financing facilities are based on agreements using Akad Qardh, Rahn dan Ijarah, where the Customer physically hands over valuable in the form of gold (both bullion and jewelery), then the customer receives a Pladge as a gurantee of returning all or part of the debt at Bank Jatim Syariah


  1. The maximum loan provided is IDR 250,000,000 (two hundred and fifty million rupiah)
  2. 100% of the estimated value (the estimated value is the value of the SPLE price multiplied by the weight of gold).


  1. Gold bullion
  2. Gold jewelry
  3. Gold money
  4. Gold coins
  5. Collateral minimum 16 (sixteen) carats with a minimum weight of 2 (two) grams.


  1. Minimum period = 10 days
  2. Maximum period = 120 days (with a maximum extension of 2 times = 240 days)


  1. Indonesia Citizen
  2. Aged at least 18 years (eighteen) years old or married and authorized to take legal actions (have grown up according to the law and are not in custody) in accordance with applicable regulations
  3. Fill out the form and agreement for the application of the Emas iB Barokah at Bank Jatim Syariah
  4. Submit a copy of KTP or other valid identity
  5. Submit a copy of personal NPWP for customers with a total funding more than IDR 100 million in accordance with applicable regulations



  • 25 gr = Rp. 1.000.000,-
  • > 25 gr s/d 50 gr = Rp. 1.350.000,-
  • > 50 gr s/d 100 gr = Rp. 2.000.000 
  • > 100 gr = Rp. 3.500.000




The customer pawned the gold weighing 25 grams. Bank Jatim Syariah provides mortagage facilities with the following calculations:

1. Estimated Valuer :

Gold weight x SPLE 1 = IDR N

25 Gram x IDR 400,000 = IDR 10,000,000

2.  Financing Provided:

100% x Estimated Value = IDR N

100% x IDR 10,000,000 = IDR 10,000,000

3.  Maintenance costs per 10 days:

                        Maintenence Cost/gr/day x weight of gold x days = IDR N

                        IDR 146.70 x 25 grams x 10 days = IDR 36,667

4. Administration fees charged IDR 13,500

So with 25 grams of the gold the customer gets:

-  Financing of IDR 10,000,000

-  A 10-days maintenance fee of IDR 36,667

-  Administration fee of IDR 10,000

Information :

  1.  SPLE = Standard Penilaian Logam Emas (Gold Metal Assessment Standard)Is the price in Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) that will be used as a guideline to calculate the estimated gold in accordance with conditions of the gold market price that applies when the transaction occurs (in the example above the SPLE is IDR 400,000)
  2. Maintenance fees and SPLE rates may change at any time, according to the bank’s provision that apply at the time of the transaction.

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