Tabungan Simpel iB

Simpel iB Saving is an IDR Currency Saving which is managed by Sharia Principles and issued nationally by Banks in Indonesia with easy and simple requirements and attractive features for education and financial inclusion to encourage a culture of saving from an early age.

  1. Akad
    Wadiah Yadh Dhamanah.
  2. Facility
    Saving Book
  3. Benefits
    1. Secure and available funds at all time
    2. Online transaction throughout all sharia branches and sharia service office of bank Jatim
    3. Free monthly account management fee
    4. Monthly Bonus which is given according to the bank policy
  4. Requirements
    1. Individual Indonesian Citizen (WNI) with the status of PAUD / TK / SD / SMP / SMA / Madrasah Students (MI, MTS, MA) or equivalent
    2. Under 17 years of age and do not have an Identity Card
    3. Fill in the application form of Simpel iB Saving. Statement and Parental / Guardian Consent
    4. Photocopy of student identity (Student Card / NISN (National Student Parent Number)document can be in the form of a report card / school certificate
    5. Photocopy of Birth Certificate (if any)
    6. Photocopy of Family Card
    7. Beneficial Owner Form / Related Data
    8. Trusteeship documents are in accordance to applicable regulations
    9. A signature specimen sheet for opening an Simpel iB Savings account for PAUD / TK / SD / MI Students or equivalent signed by the Parent / Guardian
    10. A signature specimen sheet for opening an iB Student Savings account for SMP / SMA / MTs / MA students or equivalent signed by the students themselves
  5. Features & Cost
    Opening Account Rp1.000
    Minimum Monthly Deposit Rp1.000
    Passive Account Administration Fees Rp1.000
    Monthly Administration Fee
    Closing Account fee Rp1.000
    Minimum Balance Rp1.000
    Replace lost/Damage Book
    Maximum Balance Rp20.000.000
    Daily Maximum limit for withdrawal Rp500.000
    Minimum limit for withdrawal at Counter Rp20.000
    Minimum limit for withdrawal at School Rp5.000
    *)The terms and conditions can be change at any time

For futher information about our product, please call Info Bank Jatim 14044 or come directly to the nearst branch offices Bank Jatim sharia