e-Samsat Jatim

Is service validation and payment of annual vehicle registration tax and motor vehicles SWDKLLJ (Jasa Raharja) through e-Channel Bank are: ATM, Teller, PPOB, Mobil Banking and Internet Banking.

  • The benefits of e-Samsat
    1. Avoid meeting Taxpayers with Tax Officer, so as to minimize the risk.
    2. The process can be carried out for 24 hours in all places connected to the Internet.
    3. Adding tax payment option for taxpayers.
    4. Bringing the service to the community.
    5. Avoid delays Taxpayers pay taxes / avoid tax penalties.
    6. Entitles the taxpayer to pay the tax to the applicable limit of the taxperiod until 24.00
    7. Reduce queues at KB Samsat because the taxpayer came to Samsatonly for the approval process and the decision memorandum ofpayment
    8. Labor efficiency
    9. Provide comfort to taxpayers when paying taxes, because they do notuse cash.
  • Vehicles can pay via e-Samsat
    1. Vehicle attestation 1 Year
    2. Vehicle not late more than 1 Year
    3. Vehicles not sold in the status report, missing / damaged, criminaland accident
    4. vehicle not replace the STNK
    5. Vehicles that have BPKB, vehicle registration and ID cards Original
  • e-Samsat Jatim can be paid at the Bank Jatim via:
    1. ATM Bank Jatim.
    2. Bank Jatim Teller
  • Payment Transaction Mechanism Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) e-Samsat
    • Taxpayers must first access to the Website e-Samsat Jatim ( https://info.dipendajatim.go.id/esamsat/ ) then:
      • select the location of your vehicle registered city
      • First select your vehicle registered Samsat
      • enter the Police number that will be paid
      • enter a random code available for security from hackers
  • After the data is verified, it will display information PKB payment amount to be paid by the payers in the form of massive PKB (Principal, penalties, interest,progressive), SWDKLLJ (principal and fines) and parking subscribe.
    • When payers is willing to pay, the website will display theidentification of ownership of the payers should
    • Frame Number and enter the BPKB number to ensure compatibility of data
      • Select Samsat for STNK validation
      • Select the Bank as a payment
    • When ownership verification system correctly, the website will display the options the location where the city and Samsat Taxpayers willingto take a tax Notice
    • When the selection of the location of the notice has been made??, the website will display the options of the banks and the PKB paymentoption banking facilities include: ATM, Teller, SMS Baking, PPOB, Internet Banking, etc. provided by each bank
    • After all the above options are correct, payers will receive paymentbooking code called Pay Code
    • Payers using Pay Code received from website e-Samsat Jatim to access / PKB in paying ATM or Bank Jatim Teller
    • If the transaction has been completed and paid, the bank will issue acode channel proof of payment of the transaction PKB called PayEvidence
    • Evidence Pay will be used to approve their STNK payers 1 (a) annualand on-site printing PKB Notice Samsat that have been previouslywith the BPKB, vehicle registration and ID cards Genuine maximum 7 (seven) days after the payment in bank channel