Jatim Micro Loan

is a credit facility for the purpose of financing that is productive (working capital and productive investment). 

Entrepreneurs / individual entrepreneurs or business entities have collateral, which requires credit for their business interests, both for working capital and investment to support the business. 

A maximum of Rp500,00 million per borrower. 

Interest rates lightweight, competitive and attractive. 

Additional Collateral is movable property Vehicles and tools / machines or immovable property Ownership Certificate (SHM), Building Use Right Certificate (SHGB), Business Use Right Certificate (SHGU), Grant Deed, Lease Rights, Letter C, Ijo Letter, Petok D, Girik, Right to Use, Deed of Sale and Purchase (AJB). 

1. Maximum working capital credit for 48 months
2. Investment credit for a maximum of 60 months

1. Entrepreneurs / entrepreneurs who have a productive business that does not conflict with the norms applicable law; 
2. Lama running a similar business a minimum of two (2) years; 
3. Accordance with the other terms bankjatim, 
4. For further information, please contact the BANK INFO JATIM in 14044 or contact the branch office nearest Bank Jatim.