Giro Maxi

Giro facility specifically designed for customers with profit sharing savings equivalents only in Sharia Bank Jatim.

Autosave is funds transfer between giro accounts with savings that will be done automatically by the system.

  • If there is a withdrawal of funds from the account balance exceeds the existing Giro, then the system will automatically transfer funds from savings to cover the lack of balance in the checking account.
  • If there are excess funds in the checking account to a certain amount, then the excess funds will be automatically transferred to a savings account.

Autodebit facility is automatically debiting done by the system in accordance with customer instructions for payment transactions within a specified time period, such as every 10th to make payments to the bank account of one customer Sharia Java with a predetermined amount.


  1. Customers spared from clearing repulsion.
  2. Customers can optimize the return / profit sharing.
  3. Profitable, safe, and practical without the need to come to the branch to do the transfer.
  4. Flexible in the deal.


  1. Have a Amanah Current Account and Savings Account Barokah either Individual or Legal Entity / Company.
  2. Fill out the application opening autosave facility.

Tabel cost of Giro Maxi

No Ccomponent Rate
1 Cost of Autosave No Charge
2 Cost Of Autodebit Between Accounts of Bank Jatim Sharia Rp2.000,00
3 Limit checking account minimum balance to be transferred to savings Min Rp5.000.000,00