• PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk (“Bank Jatim”) was established under the name of PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Djawa Timur based on the notarial deed No. 91 dated August 17, 1961 of Anwar Mahajudin. Pursuant to Law No. 13 year 1962 regarding the Basic Terms for Regional Development Banks, which require that the establishment of Regional Development Banks be based on Municipal District Regulations, therefore the Municipal District I of East Java issued Municipal District Regulation No. 2 year 1976. Based on such Municipal District Regulation, the name of PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Djawa Timur was changed to Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur.

      Such Municipal District Regulation was approved by the Minister of Internal Affairs under Decision Letter No. Pem.10/5/26-18 dated January 31, 1977 and published in the Municipal Gazette District I Province of East Java Year 1977 Series C No. I/c dated February 1, 1977. This Regulation has been amended several times, with the latest amendment being Municipal District Regulation No. 11 year 1996 dated December 30, 1996, which was approved by the Minister of Domestic Affairs in Decision Letter No. 584.35-280 dated April 21, 1997. Pursuant to the approval of Municipal District Regulation No. 1 year 1999 by the Regional Legislative Assembly of East Java dated March 20, 1999 and by the Minister of Domestic Affairs in Decision Letter No. 584.35-317 dated April 14, 1999, the legal status of the Bank was changed from a Regional Corporation to a Limited Liability Company.

      This change in status of legal form was based on the notarial deed No. 1 dated May 1, 1999 of R. Sonny Hidayat Julistyo, S.H., which has been approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia in Decision Letter No. C2.8227.HT.01.01.TH.99 dated May 5, 1999 and was published in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No. 42, dated May 25, 1999 in Supplement of the Republic of Indonesia No. 3008/1999.

      In line with the economic growth and to comply a requirement to be Regional Champion BPD, with one of the indicators is to strengthen the capital structure, an amendment of Article of Associations was taken based on Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders Decision Deeds No. 89 dated April 25, 2012, made by Fathiah Helmi, S.H., Notary in Jakarta and granted approval from Ministry of Law and Human Rights based on decree No. AHU-22728.AH.01.02. of 2012 dated April 30, 2012, registered on the Company list according to Limited Company Law with registration number AHU-0038044.AH.01.09 of 2012 dated April 30, 2012, as well as by Bapepam Decree dated June 29, 2012 that declared effective registration statement and becoming a public company with a name changing into PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk.

      Hereinafter, the Articles of Associations had entered, with the latest No. 23 dated April 8, 2015 made by Bambang Heru Djuwito, S.H., Notary in Surabaya and registered on the Company list according to Limited Company Law with registration number AHU-AH.01.03-0927645 dated April 27, 2015.

      The Bank started its commercial operations in accordance with the Decision Letter of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia No. BUM 9-4-5 on August 15, 1961. The Sharia Operating Unit started its commercial operations on August 21, 2007 in accordance with the approval letter from Bank Indonesia No. 9/75/DS/Sb dated April 4, 2007 for the establishment of the Bank’s Sharia Unit.

      The ultimate parent of the Bank is the Government of East Java Province.

      Bank obtain a license to operating as foreign exchange bank based on the decision letter No. 23/28/KEP/DIR of the Board of Director of Bank Indonesia (“BI”) dated August 2, 1990.

      Bank obtain a license to operating as foreign exchange bank based on the decision letter No. 23/28/KEP/DIR of the Board of Director of Bank Indonesia (“BI”) dated August 2, 1990.

      The main role of the Bank is to participate in developing regional economic growth by providing facilities to small and medium scale businesses to achieve appropriate profit levels. Its main activities involve collecting and lending funds and rendering other banking services.

    • Vision
      Become Number 1 Regional Development Bank in Indonesia
    • Mision
      1. Accelerated performance and healthy business transformation towards digital banks with highly competitive human resource;
      2. Contribute to the economic growth of East Java Province;
      3. Apply the principles of sustainable finance.
  • LOGO
    • Logo
      1963 - 1974
      Designed and created in 1963 by Mr. Abdullah, who is the only employee Bank Jatim at that time, illustrated the writings of BPD in the sky blue circle and ribbon that reads JATIM. The logo is used to First Pekan Olah Raga Antar Bank (PORAB) at Surabaya. Symbolizes high ideals, wholeness, unity and determination.
      1974 - 1988
      Created by H. Rahman Kamil, The Winner Bank Jatim Employee Logo Creation Competition at 1974. The First Official Logo of Bank Jatim, with green shield-shaped rectangle. Use Pahlawan Monument as Symbol and BPD reads.
      1988 - 1998
      The Second Official Bank Jatim Logo, who created by a artist on the initiative Bp. A. Nur Chasan, former Director Bank Jatim. 5(five) line perspective that forms the Pahlawan Monument in the circle with dome-shaped toppings, symbolizing the views and goals of Development Bank Jatim based on Pancasila.
      1998 - 2011
      Replace the writings Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur, Aman terpecaya motto born at July, 14th 1998, with the intention of Bank Jatim have ability to perform duties including security guarantee was entrusted with the responsibility of society.
      Tagline 2011 :
      bersama kami,
      berkembang pasti
      Commemorate the golden age, Bank Jatim changes The logo to Red Flapping Wing with tagline "Bersama Kami, Berkembang Pasti". The 5 (Five) feathers illustrated 5 (five) new spirit Bank Jatim
      Tagline 2014 :
      Yang Terbaik Untuk
      At November 23rd 2014, Bank Jatim officially launching new tagline, previously "Bersama Kami Berkembang Pasti" Changes to "Yang Terbaik Untuk Anda", Tagline Philosophy : To achieve BPD Regional Champion or more than that, Bank Jatim must be maximize the best potency start from service to the provision of products that continue to be developed and created technology-based

    • Logo Explaination:
      Inspiration of Bank Jatim logo shape is Wings of Garuda spreading upwards as a sign of ready to fly. Garuda is official sign of Indonesia. In Javanese myth, Garuda is known as “Bird of Life” who bring glory. Wings are par of the body with aerodynamic nature and as the balancer when flying. This is the function that is wished to be reflected in Bank Jatim Logo, aspiring that Bank Jatim will soaring high in achieving every desirable goal, also having a balance between collected fund from public/government and redisbursed as loan/ lending support that will establish welfare-based community.
    • Aim and objective of this Company are to run the business in the field of banking pursuant to the provisions of the applicable rules of law.
    • In order to achieve the aforesaid aim and objective, the Company may carry out its business activities as follows.
      1. The Main Business Activities
        1. Collecting the funds from communities in the forms of saving in giro, time deposit, deposit certificate, savings and/ or other forms equally treated as savings;
        2. Providing credit;
        3. Issuing the debenture
        4. Purchasing, selling or guaranteeing on his own risk or for the sake of and on instruction of its clients :
          1. Money order or draft including those accepted by the bank whose effective period is not longer than that in the trading habit of such draft;
          2. Debenture and other commercial paper whose effective period is not longer than that in the trading habit of such debenture;
          3. State Treasury paper and the Government Bond;
          4. Certificate of Bank Indonesia (SBI);
          5. Bonds;
          6. Time Commercial Certificate pursuant to the rules of law;
          7. Instrument of other time bond pursuant to the applicable rules of law;
        5. Transferring the money either for its own interest or for the client’s interest
        6. Placing the fund at, borrowing the fund from, or lending the fund to other bank either by using the letter, means of telecommunication or by using the on sight draft, cheque or other means;
        7. Receiving payment from the collection upon the bond and doing calculation with or among the third parties
        8. Placing the fund from the clients to other clients in the forms of bonds not registered at the stock market;
        9. Performing activities in foreign exchange and/or as the Foreign Exchange Bank by fulfilling the requirements specified by the authority;
        10. Providing the financing and or other activities, including doing the activities based on the syariah principles pursuant to the applicable provisions;
        11. Holding other banking businesses pursuant to the applicable rules of law, either in domestic or overseas.
      2. Supporting Business Activities
        In order to support the Company’s main business activities, the Company may carry out the supporting business activities as follows :
        1. Providing the place to keep the valuable articles and bonds;
        2. Performing the entrusting/ depositing activities for other party’s interest based on contract;
        3. Purchasing a part or the whole collateral either throught auction or non-auction based on voluntary delivery by the collateral owner or based on the power to sell out of the auction from the collateral owner, in the event that the debtor does not fulfill his obligation to the Company, under the term that such purchased collateral shall be immediately disbursed
        4. Performing the activities of transfer or shift on the account receivables, credit card business and trusteeship activities;
        5. Performing the capital participating activities at other bank or company in the financial sector, among others in the forms of business leasing, venture capital, stock exchange company and the settlement clearing house and storage or setting up a new company as long as not in contradictory with the applicable provisions;
        6. Performing the temporary capital participating activities in order to settle the effect of credit failure or the financing failure based on the syariah principle, under the term that it shall withdraw its participation by fulfilling the applicable provisions;
        7. Acting as the retirement fund founder and the retirement fund management pursuant to the applicable retirement fund regulation;
        8. Giving technical assistance to the BUMD (Regional Owned Enterprises) at the scopes of East Java Provincial Government Administration and the whole Regencies/ Cities in East Java, either in the forms of Regional Company or Limited Liability Company (PT) in the scheme of cash/ treasury and financial management;
        9. Performing other activities commonly conducted by a bank as long as not in controversy with the applicable regulation and rules of law.
    • Excellence
      Always provide and present everything exceeded expectations. In the other words, constantly develop and make improvements in all areas to achieve optimum added value, and the best results continuously. key behaviours:
      • Fast & Simplicity
        Always be responsive over the dynamics of change by meeting customer needs, and presenting customer friendly products and services, behaviour guidelines :
        • Always consistently take initiatives to offer and provide the best quick, precise, and easy solution
        • Always provide products and services which are accurate, safe, convenient, value added, and meet the standard that exceed customer expectations
        • Always simplify the existing problems to provide the best solution, quickly and precisely to the customer
      • Agile & Business Savvy
        Working fast, nimble, agile, responsive and proactive in capturing business opportunities, which is conducted by all employees with continuous improvement, behaviour guidelines:
        • Always seek and seize opportunities to contribute added value to the company growth continously
        • Always work diligently in performing the tasks and pro-active in capturing the opportunities exist
        • Always keep focused and be discipline in executing the priority tasks
        • Evaluating and monitoring both to the work process and the results of performance on a regular basis, to be able to identify opportunities for improvement
        • Always be patriotic, have a winning mentality and the courage to make a breakthrough
        • Have a flexible spirit which is appropriate to business environment and customer needs
    • Professional
      Performing and mastering duties and responsibilities, and committ to achieve optimal results, key behaviours:
      • Execution & RIsk Taker
        Carry out management decisions with the courage to take the necessary risks, behaviours guidelines :
        • Accomplish the tasks completely, accurately and on time
        • Work smart, which is efficient and effective, by optimally utilizing resources to achieve maximum results
        • Manage work systematically through the process of planning, organizing, evaluating, and continuously monitoring as well
        • In an effort to provide the best results, have the courage to take necessary risks carefully, so as not to put the company interests aside
        • Have self confidence over the opportunities and results
      • Proactive & Accountability
        Taking the initiative to carry out alternatives based on the principles and values, openly and responsibly, behaviours guidelines :
        • Set a high standard as a benchmark of the performance, and to achieve the performance standard with best effort and full responsibility
        • Always maintain a high working passion and spirit
        • Foster a sense of belonging and be responsible for every action and decision made
        • Be responsible to contribute in the achievement of the vision and mission of the Bank Jatim
    • Integrity
      To be consistent in thought and behaviour, be honest to themselves and others based on ethical values, key behaviours:
      • Honesty
        Uphold honesty, sincerity, openness with regard to the principles of prudence, behaviours guidelines :
        • Always speak and act on the truth, according to the fact and reality
        • Act honest, sincere, open, humble, simple, ethical, keep promises and commitments made, and to act appropriately in the right situation
        • Maintain a sincere intention and full compliance, act solely for the best interests of the Bank Jatim unconditionally, and without any ulterior motives
        • Maintain transparency in every action and decision-making, by providing relevant information correctly and accurately, while upholding the principles of privacy and confidentiality
        • Have the courage to recognize the limitations and mistakes, and be willing to make improvements
        • Be a role model in all circumstances, to serve, to accept criticism, and be willing to listen more
        • Comply with the rules, policies and procedures, and prevailing regulation wisely and responsibly
        • Make wise decisions in various situations by sticking to the applied rules and policies
        • Uphold the principles and stance which is believed to be right, and not easy to change, even under pressure or difficult situations
        • Work with dedication, protect the honor and interests of personal and the company, and always uphold the professional code of ethics
        • Avoid opportunities that enables the conflict of interest
        • Be a role model and benchmark for others by consistently doing what the talked
        • Use company property in a responsible manner
        • Make decisions objectively and free from pressure or influence from any other party
        • Have the courage to put forward suggestions, opinions and criticism objectively and openly
      • Trust
        Mutual respect and open attitude among fellow members of the company based on confidence, honesty and good faith in the execution of the work, behavioiurs guidelines :
        • Treat co-workers, customers and all stakeholders with respect and courtesy
        • Keep an empathetic communication between co-workers so as to create mutual understanding in interpersonal relationships
        • Create and maintain a conducive and comfortable climate of working environment
        • Carry out the mandate given with full commitment and responsibility to build a sustainable trust, and put any corporate interests above personal or group interests
        • Establish cooperation between individuals and working units to jointly work toward the achievement of organizational goals
        • Provide assistance and positive support for fellow co-workers, and contributes actively to achieve shared goals
        • Respect the differences between employees, and make the differences as a starting point to create synergy
    • Synergy
      Mutually beneficial cooperation undertaken with a commitment to increase the added value for both parties, key behaviours:
      • Respect
        Implement mutual appreciation, respect and guide sincerely to uphold the values of decency, behaviours guidelines :
        • Treat others as expectations of how to be treated by others
        • Always be positive think to others
        • Respect and uphold honour of others
        • Avoid self-destructive Behaviour
        • Appreciate the uniqueness of themselves, develop and overcome weaknesses
      • Collaboration
        Together create added value to create growth and development of the company, behaviours guidelines :
        • Be positive result oriented
        • Work together to achieve the shared goals and or agreements
        • Very like to discuss and maintain effectiveness
        • Have a high sense of belonging
        • Appreciate, give recognition, and have a high standard of work ethic
    • Innovation
      Creativity or the ability to produce something new and make something already become better continuously according to customer needs, key behaviours:
      • Eager to Learn
        The Behaviour of employees which constantly improve their knowledge that enable the company to grow in a sustainable manner, behaviour guidelines :
        • Have a high curiosity, optimistic, sincere, consistent and visionary
        • Perform continuous improvement
        • Always be sensitive to customer needs, and proactively identify
        • Constantly develop competency levels in order to meet the development and progress of the profession demands
        • Have a good work ethic to become a true learner
        • Have entushiasm to keep learning as a part of life, and carry out the process of changing Behaviour to be better
        • Like to meet new people, discuss, reflect, and make changes
      • Creativity
        Always create something new and develop ideas to achieve better results, behaviours guidelines :
        • Be Innovative in creating opportunities to achieve beyond expectations performance
        • Be creative, innovative, proactive and responsive in providing the best solution
        • Always focus on providing services with specific added value as customer needs
        • Always be innovative and oriented to provide solutions which meet customer needs
        • Be empathetic to customer complaints and problems, and responsive to provide the best solution for each complaint
        • Have a strong stance and be intuitive
        • Be flexible, elaborative, imaginative, initiative, and self-confident
        • Have broad interests and never get bored