Consumptive and Productive

FINANCING consumptive

Multipurpose Islamic Financing
Funding granted to bona fide employees of the government or private

Financing Vehicle Ownership
Funding is intended for customers who intend to make a purchase / ownership of the vehicle.

Financing Home Ownership
Funding is intended for customers who intend to purchase a house (new / second).

Accompanied Appendix completeness legality:
a. Legality Application (ID / KSK / Marriage Certificate / TIN, etc.)
c. Legality of collateral (SCH / SHGB / shm / reg / IMB / UN, etc.)


Working Capital Financing
Funding for procurement purposes are used for working capital.

Financing Investment
Financing for the purpose of purchasing goods necessary for investment purposes.

Skim: Sell Buy> Muharabah, Istishna, and Greetings
Revenue Sharing> Mudaraba, Musharaka and

Terms of Submission financing:
1. Already a customer of Bank Jatim
2. Not listed in the list of bad debts banks
3. Apply for Islamic financing to the Bank Jatim by providing information:

  • Uses Financing (Working Capital / Investments / Other)
  • The amount of financing
  • Term of the financing
  • Type, activity and location and condition of the business (project to be funded)
  • Management
  • Financial reports / sources of project funds
  • Others that support the business

4. Accompanied attachments completeness legality:

  • Legality requests (ID / KSK / TIN, etc.)
  • Legality of business (deed of establishment & CHANGES, SIUP, TDP, DOMICILE, etc.)
  • Financial Statement 2 (two) years
  • Employment Contract (SPK, SPMK)

Business Sectors Financed:

  • Field Services
  • Trade Sector
  • Construction Sector
  • Industry Sector
  • Agricultural Sector

Source of Funding:

  • Budget
  • Budget Level I / II
  • Budget BUMN /

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