Bank Jatim’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy had been implemented since 2009. Several activities related Bank Jatim Corporate Social Responsibility program such as education, culture, health and social program. The activity is implemented sustainable.

  • Environmental
    • Bank Jatim has Bank Jatim Peduli Program for nature and environment preservation, several activities related nature and environment preservation such as greening, distributing trees seedlings, distributing tools to maintain environment cleanliness such as garbage transport vehicles, sorting garbage wet and dry waste, water wagon, construction of city park.
  • Employment Practices, Health and Safety
    • Bank Jatim has a high commitment to improve comfortable working condition for the employees. In supporting this commitment, the Management has formulated a policy aiming to encourage professionalism of the employees and assurance in carrer development through fair working assessment and competitive reward scheme among the financial and banking industries. The competency and professionalism development is carried out through various trainings
  • Development of Social and Society
    • Bank Jatim has Bank Jatim Peduli Program for social and society development with several activities program such as :
      1. Education
        Activities in education program such as building education infrastructur ex: school, rumah pintar, library, giving education facilities ex: uniforms, reading books, school equipment, banking education, and giving scholarships
      2. Culture
        Bank Jatim program in culture program such as sport and art. Development of sport such as building/repairing sport building, development of sports for youth and student. To conserve culture, Bank Jatim implements several activites such as participate in local culure conservation, building/repairing art building, giving facilities to organize art activity
      3. Healthy
        Several activites is implemented by Bank Jatim such as giving health facility, health equipments (wheel chair, brankar, scale, etc), implementing circumcision, cataract surgery, hypospadia surgery, repairing malnutrition with giving extrafood especially for malnutrition toddler.
      4. Social
        Bank Jatim cares with social programs such as building social infrastructure or public facilities such as worship place, public toilet, gazebo, repairing underprivileged house, giving tents for street vendors as a sale facility, giving UKM equipment, giving compensation for underprivileged people, giving compensation for cataclysm victim
      1.280.398.790,00 IDR 347.105.000,00 IDR 4.199.406.581,00 IDR 9.426.271.090,00 IDR,00 IDR
      2.052.673.500,00 IDR 538.058.000,00 IDR,00 IDR 8.674.904.000,00 IDR
      15.473.681.500,00 IDR
      770.617.927,00 IDR 396.000.000,00 IDR 2.348.661.204,00 IDR 7.295.385.260,00 IDR
      10.810.664.391,00 IDR
      2.507.593.420,00 IDR 450.100.000,00 IDR 3.526.666.780,00 IDR 7.693.460.397,00 IDR
      14.177.820.527,00 IDR
      2017 1.239.694.118,00 IDR 289.650.000,00 IDR,00 IDR 6.624.945.506,00 IDR 12.267.326.239,00 IDR
      2018 506.609.635,00 IDR 325.800.000,00 IDR,00 IDR 8.016.926.281,00 IDR 11.045.340.216,00 IDR
      2019 791.121.592,00 IDR 334.200.000,00 IDR 2.361.740.700,00 IDR 12.481.352.922,00 IDR 15.968.415.236,00 IDR
      2020 869.256.000,00 IDR 429.600.000,00 IDR 5.369.360.000,00 IDR 8.985.314.563,00 IDR 15.653.530.563,00 IDR
      2021 707.470.000,00 IDR - 4.643.759.000,00 IDR 12.699.255.901,00 IDR 18.050.485.891,00 IDR
  • Product and Service Responsibility
    • Bank Jatim also provides a customer service officer who is in charge to assist in explaining any related information about the product and its benefit and also describes utility of product, right and obligation on the product including position of each party, maturity of a contract and how to settle a disputable condition.