Pembiayaan Piutang (Anjak Piutang) iB Barokah

Services for transfer of accounts receivable settlement or short-term bills from the Corporate/Seller (Customer) to the bank which then bank collects the receivables to the debtor (Corporate/Buyer Partner) which can be accompanied by short-term financing facilities for Corporate/Seller (Customers) intended as bailout for corporate/seller (customer) liquidity requirements worth of receivables on the basis of sharia principles.


  1. BUMN, BUMD and private corporate;
  2. The transaction between corporate/seller with corporate/buyer partner minimum had been done at least 6 (six) time;
  3. The relation between corporate/seller with corporate/buyer partner has been running for 2 (two) years;
  4. Customer must have an account at Bank Jatim Syariah


  1. Akad Wakalah bul ujroh
  2. Akad Qardh
  3. Letters of request for realization
  4. Letter of request for realization
  5. Copy of invoiced transaction bill;
  6. Copy of proof of delivery of goods / services (BAST / other equivalent documents).
  7. Copy of income statement for the last 2 (two) years of Corporate / seller (customer) and if there is a balance of Corporate/Buyer partners
  8. Other certificates (if any)
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