SKBDN (Letter of Credit undocumented Affairs)

SKBDN (Letter of Credit undocumented Affairs)

Letters of Credit undocumented Affairs (SKBDN) or often called local LC is an instrument issued by Bank Issuer, at the request of the buyer / applicant bank thatcontains a promise to pay money to the seller / beneficiary if the Bank Issuerreceives documents in accordance with the terms SKBDN. SKBDN used to supporttrade transactions in the country.
Bank Jatim can serve your needs, both from the applicant or recipient SKBDN.

SKBDN Published
Publishing SKBDN through Bank Jatim can be done using the facilities we provide.Another way is faster in issuing SKBDN is by using 100% of your funds worth ofSKBDN your, whether in the form of cash / giro account block /
Blocking deposits, as deposit Warranty. 


  • Assurance that the requirements of the documents listed in SKBDN fulfilledbefore payment is executed.
  • Protecting your transaction settlement process. 

Accept SKBDN

In trade with SKBDN, there is a grace period between the presentation of the document with the receipt of payment. Bill purchasing allows you to get paidimmediately after the presentation of the document so that it will increase the efficiency of your cash flow.

Bill Purchasing is the takeover documents and / or the draft on the basis of SKBDN.Takeover conducted by Bank Jatim by means pay in advance before payment iscarried out by Bank Issuer on the due date for payment SKBDN. Bill Purchasing can be done that are good for SKBDN Sight (Top Performance) and Usance (Futures)and conducted by Right Recourse (with resource).

Takeover can be done in two ways. First, for the condition of complying presentationdocuments drawn on Bank Issuers that have Commercial Line at Bank Jatim can bedirectly carried out the takeover. Second, for conditions other documents andCommercial Bank Line Publishers do not have to use a limit called Bill PurchasingLine (BPL). Benefit

  • Assurance that the requirements of the documents listed in SKBDN fulfilledbefore payment is executed.
  • Protecting your transaction settlement process.
  • Helping your business development since payments can be accepted more quickly and can be immediately used for business needs.
  • Increase your competitiveness in the eyes of trading partners by offeringdeferred payment without disrupting cash flow.
  • problem solving

SKBDN is any written promise written request the applicant (the applicant) bindingBank opening (Issuing Bank) to:

  • Make payments to a beneficiary or its order, or access and pay bills drawn bythe recipient.
  • Authorizes another bank to make payment to the beneficiary or its order,accept and pay bills of exchange drawn by
  • Authorizes another bank to negotiate drafts drawn by the beneficiary, uponsubmission of documents along SKBDN terms and conditions are met. 

Terms - conditions:

  • Fill out an application SKBDN
  • Having Giro Account in Bank Jatim


  • Notification / forwarding SKBDN to customers = USD 250000,00
  • Continuation of the change / amendment SKBDN = USD 250.000,00
  • Forwarding the cancellation SKBDN = USD 250.000,00
  • Alienation of SKBDN = USD 250.000,00
  • Negotiating Commission Documents
    • Sight SKBDN (SKBDN Performance) = 1/8% X Nominal (min max £100.000,00 and £ 1.5,00 million)
    • Usance SKBDN (SKBDN Futures) = 1/8% X Nominal (min max £100.000,00 and £ 1.5,00 million)
  • Shipment Documents = suitable courier costs


  • Opening SKBDN = 1/8% change Nom (minimum £ 250.000,00) + cost of Telex /mail records
    • Defined KMPK for publishing SKBDN
    • Adjusted to Equivalent credit KMPK dollars.
  • Changes SKBDN
  • With a nominal change - 1/8 x nom changes (min £ 100.000,00) + telex cost /mail
    • Without a change in the nominal cost = £ 50.000,00 + telex / mail
  • Cancellation SKBDN = £ 1.000.000,00 + bank charges + korr baiaya telex / mail
  • Warranty expenditures / Shipping Guarantee = IDR 200.000,00