Deposito Valas

Time deposits in foreign currencies whose withdrawals can only be made at a certain time period according to an agreement between the customer and the Bank.  Bank Jatim Foreign Currency Deposits can be opened through all Bank Jatim Branches and are available in USD, SGD, EUR, JPY and HKD.  Bank Jatim Foreign Currency Deposits provide comfort, security and investment benefits with competitive interest rates and various other benefits

    1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month
    USD <USD 100.000 0,50%pa
    ≥USD 100.000 0,60%pa
    SGD ≥SGD 1.000 0,10%pa
    EUR ≥EUR 750 Special Rate
    JPY ≥JPY 100.000 Special Rate
    HKD ≥HKD 7.500 Special Rate