Research Analysis


  • The biggest factor causing the decrease in economic growth is the export where Indonesia's largest export destination countries also have an economic slowdown, namely China, India and Europe.
  • The B20 program that was implemented has been able to reduce the import which effected on improving the current account balance so the slowing down of Indonesia's economic growth’s not depressed too deep.
  • CPI inflation in November 2019 was recorded at 0.14% (mtm), increase from the previous month's level of 0.02% (mtm), November 2019 CPI inflation on an annual basis was recorded at 3.00% (yoy), lower than the monthly inflation rate previously 3.13% (yoy).
  • The balance of payments in the third quarter had a better performance than the second quarter. The third quarter balance of payments deficit was US $ 46 million, far lower than the deficit in the previous quarter of US $ 2.0 billion due to an increased capital and financial transaction surplus
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